Friday, April 4, 2014

Whole30 Recipe // Capocallo Wrapped Asparagus

Capocallo wrapped asparagus. I started crying at the grocery store today, I'm not a Whole30 rookie this is my 3rd full round but today was ROUGH -last night I went to a work dinner and passed on the chips & salsa and all you can drink diet coke fest. This morning I took my kids for donuts and didn't have any, we took the kids out for movies and treats tonight and I didn't have any and I've had an incredibly stressful day. I just really wanted a diet coke and cadbury eggs because I thought it would make me feel better. But it doesn't, it never does and I just have to get over the fact that I will probably be fighting these food addictions my whole life. I need to be stronger than that and solve these issues I seem to only fix with food. I held strong but I'm hoping for some umph tomorrow because I'm feeling burned out. 

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